is a special occasion
a little sparkle...
Your own sunshine

Wearing Jewellery is...

A way to express who you are... without saying a word

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Ankle bracelets once symbolised martial status. Historically, they were a gift from the groom to the bride to make their nuptials official and known to the world. 

Anklets today have upgraded into a chic, all-year-long accessory. Visually stunning and slinky to wear they definitely up the style game when wearing trainers or fancy footwear.

What length of necklace should I get?

What length necklace should I get?

Investing in a new necklace is exciting but before rushing into a purchase it’s important to make sure you get the right chain length for you.
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How to clean your silver jewellery

How to clean and care for your Jewellery

Sterling silver is a beautiful precious metal that will naturally tarnish with time in your everyday environment. There are a number of things you can do to keep your silver jewellery sparkling.
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How do I measure my ring size?

How do I measure my ring size?

If you're unsure of your ring size, don't panic. I have a nifty way to measure it at home. All you will need is a piece of string, a pair of scissors and a ruler.
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