How to clean your silver jewellery

How to clean and care for your Jewellery

Jakara Jewellery is created from premium 925 Sterling silver. This beautiful precious metal will naturally tarnish with time in your everyday environment. Perfumes, moisturisers, hairspray, perspiration and soaps are all damaging and consequently your jewellery will need a little TLC to keep it looking at its best.

There are a number of things you can do to keep your silver jewellery sparkling:

  • Remove your jewellery before swimming, bathing or showering
  • Avoid direct sunlight, sand, salt water or chlorine
  • Don’t exercise with it on
  • Make it the last item you put on after you’ve applied your makeup, perfume & hairspray.
  • Take it off before bed
  • Clean it regularly
  • Store it somewhere cool and dry, away from sunlight

It’s important to polish silver jewellery frequently with a soft dry silver cloth to avoid tarnish occurring. As it is a soft precious metal it will scratch easily so don’t use abrasive cloths such as kitchen paper.

Specialist silver polishing cloths are ideal for your jewellery and I have included a little one with your order.  They are 100% cotton infused with special silver cleaners that will bring your jewellery back to life, essentially lifting off grease, fingerprints, perfumes and other beauty products. Simply rub it over your jewellery gently...and voila enjoy the sparkle!

When storing your silver jewellery, avoid jewellery stands as they expose your silver jewellery to air and sunlight. Silver jewellery is best kept in its jewellery box or in a soft pouch, away from other pieces to avoid scratching. Always remember to fasten the chains of your necklaces or bracelets to prevent them from getting tangled.

Silver jewellery that is regularly worn typically needs less care, what a great reason to wear your beautiful pieces more often.