Inspired by nature and the world around us the Essence jewellery collection has a wide range of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces all created from the finest Sterling silver. Choose from a selection of contemporary designs such as feathers, sparkling honey bees, blossoming flowers, vine leaves and ocean waves.

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Silver Wave bangle
Silver pebble ring
Silver leaf earrings
Sterling Silver Feather Ring
silver wave ring
Feather Necklace
Silver Bee Necklace
silver daisy necklace
Silver Leaf Bracelet
Ocean jewellery
Silver pebble earrings
wave necklace
Sterling silver wave earrings
Wave Ring
Silver floral earrings
Sparkle Bee Earrings
Sterling Silver Leaf Earrings
pebble necklace
Daisy Earrings
Wave earrings
women's silver necklace
silver pebble pendant necklace
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silver pebble necklace
pebble earrings