My Story

When the dream becomes a reality...

Since I was a little girl everything (and I mean everything) that sparkles has caught my eye.

At college I designed & created my own jewellery collections, and during the early years of motherhood I went to night classes in silversmithing.

As my children got older, life became busier (and more expensive) and I returned to the 9-5.  Nevertheless, my love of jewellery remained, and as life takes many twist & turns, I find myself back on a familiar path... one that makes me shine from within.

For quite a few years I have longed to start my own business, and with lots of encouragement from my family and friends, I have finally taken the leap of faith and made my dreams a reality.

Working with ethically minded British & International jewellery designers, I aim to bridge the gap between costume jewellery and high end designers. Offering you a selection of beautiful, high quality but yet affordable pieces crafted from Sterling silver or gold vermeil, decorated with semi precious gem stones.

Each piece I have carefully hand picked for you to wear or to gift to someone special. I hope you get as much fun wearing the pieces, as I have had sourcing them for you to enjoy.

Finally, I couldn't sign off without telling you the meaning behind the name. Choosing a name for your business is fun.. but also quite tricky. I wanted a name that I could relate to. Jakara is simply a play on my first name, Kara and my middle name, Jane.  However, if you look up the meaning of 'Jakara' you will find in English it means 'Princess', or 'Pretty intelligent girl' in Arabic. Some would say it was meant to be. 

Thank you so much for visiting my website, I hope you found something you like. I will be adding new stock regularly, so if nothing caught your eye this time, do drop by again soon.

Kara x 💎